At Correct Course Consulting, something you’ll often hear us say to our clients is, “just focus on getting the data into Smartsheet.” That’s because once that data is in Smartsheet, you’ll have a variety of options to organize, selectively share, and visualize the information in the specific way you desire. That being said, we wanted to explore some of our preferred, powerful ways you can collect, import, and integrate your data in Smartsheet.


An option that is easy and accessible (included in basic account) is utilizing a customizable form to collect data. From Field Technicians adding work tickets to Company Planners collecting RSVP’s from employees, forms are versatile and simple to learn and master. 

For more specific information on Forms, please check out our other post “Forming Success: Use Smartsheet Forms to Collect Data in Real-Time and Power Your Workflows”


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If you have data in other formats, you can import it into Smartsheet. This functionality is useful for migrating existing data, updating information, or consolidating data from different sources. Formats Smartsheet is capable of importing are:

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Project

  • Google Sheets

  • Atlassian Trello

DataShuttle (Premium App)

This app provides you with the capability to smoothly transfer your data between Smartsheet and your ERPs, CRMs, and databases. This automated process ensures that your data is seamlessly centralized, offering you a single, reliable source of truth.

Dynamic View (Premium App)

When a form doesn’t work (ex. Unable to save a partially filled out form), our team turned to Dynamic View. This app allows users to input and update information directly within their view. This is especially useful for scenarios where stakeholders need to provide ongoing feedback or updates.

API Integration

Smartsheet’s API Integration empowers developers to expand Smartsheet’s capabilities, automate workflows, and create tailored solutions. By enabling seamless communication between Smartsheet and external applications, the API enhances efficiency, collaboration, and the overall value derived from the platform. This method is often more complex but can allow for customizations that extend beyond Smartsheet’s platform.


Keep in mind, the best method to use will depend on your specific needs and the nature of the information you’re collecting. Let Correct Course evaluate your workflow and help you confidently make the best decision(s) for your company.