In the rapidly evolving world of project management software, two platforms often stand out for their robust features and intuitive designs: Smartsheet and As a consultant certified in both applications, we frequently encounter the question from clients: “Which one should I use?” This post aims to dissect the features, usability, and pricing of both tools to help you make an informed decision.

1. Ease of Use is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it a favorite among teams looking for quick onboarding and minimal training. Its visual appeal and straightforward layout ensure that even the least tech-savvy users can start managing projects without a steep learning curve.

Smartsheet, on the other hand, takes a slightly more traditional approach, resembling a spreadsheet. This can be instantly familiar to those who are used to working in Excel, but it might require a bit more time to explore its full capabilities compared to

2. Features

Both platforms boast a wide array of features, but they cater to slightly different needs. excels in workflow automation and customization. It allows users to create and customize workflows with ease, which can be particularly beneficial for teams looking to streamline repetitive tasks.

Smartsheet provides powerful project management tools that are ideal for more complex projects. Its capabilities in resource management, detailed reports, and integration with enterprise tools make it a go-to for larger organizations or projects requiring detailed attention to timelines and budgeting.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is key in any project management tool, and both and Smartsheet offer comprehensive features to enhance team interaction. has an edge with its integrated communication tools, allowing team members to comment directly on tasks, share files, and even integrate with email.

Smartsheet also facilitates excellent collaboration options but shines with its more robust permission settings and audit trails, which are crucial for larger teams or those needing to track changes meticulously.

4. Pricing

Pricing is often a decisive factor for many businesses. offers a tiered pricing structure, which can be more accommodating for small to medium-sized businesses. Its basic plan starts at a lower price point, providing essential features suitable for smaller teams. We recommend you visit Monday’s pricing and plans page for more details.

Smartsheet’s pricing model is geared more towards enterprises, with its starting plan offering extensive features that reflect its higher starting price. However, for large teams or complex projects, the investment can be well justified. You can learn more about Smartsheet’s pricing HERE.

Note: Many of Smartsheet’s advanced features, such as Premium Apps and WorkApps, are available through the Enterprise plan, which offers custom pricing based on the size and needs of your business.


Choosing between and Smartsheet ultimately depends on your specific project management needs and team size. For businesses looking for a straightforward, visually appealing tool that simplifies project management, is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if your needs lean towards detailed project planning and extensive feature use, Smartsheet may be the better option.

For more help deciding on which one is right for you and/or have any questions about these powerful applications please reach out to Correct Course Consulting. We’re ready to help you explore your options and provide the answers you need!