Smartsheet’s notification automations empower you to automatically send updates, reminders, and alerts based on specific triggers or events within your sheets. This feature eliminates the need for manual communication, reduces the risk of missed deadlines, and fosters a more collaborative and informed work environment. Whether it’s notifying team members about task assignments, alerting stakeholders about project milestones, or sending reminders for upcoming deadlines, Smartsheet’s notification automations streamline communication and keep everyone in the loop.

Setting Up Notification Automations:

1. Identify Trigger Events

Start by determining the key events or changes within your Smartsheet sheet that should trigger notifications. These could include task assignments, due date changes, status updates, new comments, or specific selections received from a submitted form.

2. Access Automations

Within your Smartsheet sheet, click the “Automation” option located in the top menu. From here you can either create a workflow from a template or create one from scratch. If this is your first automation, we’d recommend checking out the large selection of workflow templates to get an idea of what you’re specifically looking for.

3. Create a New Automation (template)

Once you’ve identified the correct template, click on “Use Template” to get started crafting your automation.

  • Trigger – Specify the conditions that must be met for the notification to be triggered. This could involve selecting specific columns, criteria, or date ranges.
    • Run workflow – Keep the default “When triggered” if you want the automation to run as quickly as possible, or adjust to a different frequency (hourly/daily/weekly) depending on your needs.
  • Conditions: This can be powerful in reducing the number of automations you might have to create. We’d love to share our examples of how we’ve used this on our other projects.
  • Alert someone: Choose the recipients of the notification – it could be specific individuals, groups, or even external collaborators. Customize the content of the notification message to ensure clarity and relevance.
    • Customize message: Decide who the notification will be sent from, specify the email subject/body and which fields, if any, will be included in the notification.
  • (Optional) Click the blue circled + sign to add an additional action or condition

Benefits of Using Smartsheet’s Notification Automations

  • Enhanced Productivity: With automated notifications, team members can stay focused on their tasks without the need to constantly check for updates.

  • Timely Responses: Stakeholders and team members are promptly informed about changes, reducing delays in decision-making and project execution.

  • Reduced Communication Overload: Notification automations eliminate the need for excessive emails or status meetings, streamlining communication and reducing information overload.

  • Improved Accountability: Automated reminders for deadlines and assignments promote accountability and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Real-time Insights: Notifications keep everyone up to date with the latest project developments, fostering a collaborative environment.


Smartsheet’s notification automations revolutionize the way teams communicate and collaborate, elevating productivity and accountability to new heights. By strategically implementing notification automations, you can ensure that every stakeholder remains informed, engaged, and aligned with project goals. Whether it’s a small team or a large-scale project, the power of Smartsheet’s notification automations is a game-changer that drives efficiency and success. Reach out to Correct Course Consulting to start harnessing this feature today and experience the transformative impact it can have on your work processes!