The Challenge

The Correct Course team reflects on this project often since it likely led to our advanced knowledge of Smartsheet Forms. The client was collecting Jobsite Accident/Incident Forms via PDF, then re-keying the data, and manually sending the information to various recipients depending on the incident type. Data was getting fat-fingered, the right people weren’t being contacted in a timely manner, and the leaders of their Department were desperate for improvement.

The Solution

By utlizing Smartsheet Forms and Smartsheet’s Premium App, Dynamic View, Correct Course was able to provide a significant overhaul to our client’s antiquated process. Creating automations, each Safety Manager only received notifications pertaining to their specific projects. In addition, we were able to ensure leadership received an immediate notification whenever a severe incident had been reported. Leveraging the power of Dynamic View, we were able to allow Safety Managers to return to their reports to make changes/updates while preventing their need for Admin access to the master sheet that contained all reported incidents.

The Tools

Process Maps

Smartsheet Forms

Smartsheet DataShuttle

Smartsheet Dynamic View