The Challenge

Our client didn’t really know where to begin, but they knew they had a problem. Their new Quality Control segment of the company was disjointed and each QC Manager was handling requests in their own, unique way. Each manager was operating independently out of Microsoft Excel and within their cloud storage system. They needed better collaboration and tracking of the various stages throughout their QC process.

The Solution

Starting with a shared Smartsheet Workspace, and eventually moving to WorkApps, the entire team of Quality Control Managers were on the same page within a matter of days. We created an extensive list of automations that allowed the process to operate seamlessly, without gaps in process flow and/or communication. Leveraging Smartsheet’s premium app, DataShuttle, we were able to pull in current project data to reduce data entry while improving accuracy. WorkApps provided ideal collaboration between the teams.

The Tools

Process Maps

Smartsheet WorkApps

Smartsheet Reports

Smartsheet DataShuttle